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WATCH | Golf legend Gary Player weighs in on ‘war’ between LIV, PGA

The controversial LIV Series, backed by Saudi Arabia’s $620bn (R10.7-trillion) public investment fund which has invested an unprecedented amount of money in the sport, recently completed its first season at Trump National Doral outside Miami.

South African golf legend Gary Player says ways must be found to end the “war” between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Speaking during the final round of the Gary and Vivienne Player Invitational at Sun City on Sunday, Player said the ensuing animosity between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf is not good for the game.

“I have no objection to people going to play on the LIV tour. I think it is wonderful to give people an opportunity to make some money for when they can’t play any more,” said Player, who won nine major tournaments in his hugely successful career.

“Most of them are going out there with a new lease on life and it is fantastic. But what I don’t like is the war that is happening between LIV and PGA. Golf is too good, golf gave is our dream to start the tour and play and the word must be ‘respect’ across the board.

“We all must have respect for each other and go on with our lives. If you have the LIV tour, don’t expect to play and have all the facilities of the regular tour because they are two different tours. I just hope that everything works out well in the end and everybody is happy.”

Player said the invitational this weekend managed to raise more than R3m for the Blair Atholl Primary Farm School and other social responsibility projects.

“I think we have raised at least R3m this year, we had people putting in a lot of money. We are going to make sure the school goes on in perpetuity until I am gone because of those children.

“You have a mother, a home and a car and not many people have that. We are going to change the lives of those children like we have done all over the world in China, the USA and England.

“We found people living and sleeping under bridges being cold bums and we said they are not bums. We built them homes and some are doctors and lawyers — if you give someone a chance in life that’s the thing.”

Source : Times Live