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Confirmed Indictment Against Senaid Memic and Others

The former mayor and employees of the Municipality of Ilidža are accused of abusing their position and favoring construction investors Panamera and Malak Group.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina Canton Sarajevo (KS) filed, and the Sarajevo Cantonal Court (KSS) confirmed the indictment against the former mayor of the Municipality of Ilidža Senaid Memić for a criminal offense – abuse of position or authority, Fena agency reports.

In addition to him, Ljiljana Eterović, expert advisor for legal affairs in the Spatial Planning Service, urban planning assistants Adnan Ćenanović and Azra Mulaosmanović, and construction municipal inspectors Amir Arnautović and Sanja Čizmedžić were also accused.

The accused Memić is accused of having, with the other accused, employees of the Municipality of Ilidža, from 2015 to 2017, after he had initially issued urban planning permission for the construction of the building, which includes the ground floor and four floors, to the investor of the residential and commercial building ‘Panamera’, at the request investor in March 2015 enabled the construction of seven floors, although according to the Regulatory Plan and existing laws, the construction of up to four floors is allowed, announced the KS Prosecutor’s Office.

Millions in property benefits

As further stated, in this way Memić obtained a financial benefit to the Panamera investor in the amount of 4,941 million euros (9,944,000 KM), but also an illegal benefit in the form of the unimpeded construction of additional residential space intended for sale.

The defendants Eterović, Ćenanović and Mulaosmanović acted on the instructions of Memic and drew up illegal permits that he ultimately signed, while the building inspectors Arnautović and Čizmedžić failed to control the construction and urban planning Decisions that had to be declared null and void.

The defendants applied the same modus operandi to the request of the Malak Group investor.

Namely, the accused Memić facilitated the illegal construction of a hotel with seven floors, even though the Regulatory Plan allows the construction of up to four floors. In this way, ‘Malak Group’ obtained an illegal benefit in the amount of approximately seven million euros (14,097,472 KM) and the benefit of the construction of additional office space.

Brajlovic parking lot

At the same time, the defendants are charged with having enabled the owner of the restaurant Bistro ‘Brajlović’ in Ilidža to illegally build and use a parking space in the area of ​​the Željeznica river directly next to the restaurant, in violation of regulations on protection against the harmful effects of water.

In the indictment, the acting prosecutors proposed confiscation of property benefits of ‘Panamera’ (9,944,000 KM) and ‘Malak Group’ Sarajevo (14,097,472 KM). a temporary measure was set to prohibit the alienation and encumbrance of part of the real estate in the Panamera residential and commercial building and the entire Malak Group hotel.

The accused Memić was proposed to be banned from performing the duties of a responsible person in the civil service, public companies or any other legal entity for a period of 10 years from the finality of the verdict.

For the main hearing, it was proposed to hear 38 witnesses, experts from the architectural profession, and present more than 400 material pieces of evidence.