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The Storm From Croatia Reached BiH and Serbia: a Child Died in Novi Sad

A storm from Slovenia and Croatia arrived in BiH and Serbia, accompanied by heavy rain and gusts of wind.

A 12-year-old child died tonight in front of a building in an unprecedented storm that hit Novi Sad, Tanjug learns.

The child was found next to the installations, but it is not yet known whether he was struck by electricity or lightning. The investigation is ongoing.

The mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, sent his condolences to the family of the victim, RTS reports. He said that all teams are on the ground as far as public utility companies are concerned, but that private companies and individuals are helping as well, in order to overcome the situation as soon as possible.

Members of the Department for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs rescued five people, including two children, the commander of the fire brigade in Novi Sad, Stojan Milovac, confirmed for RTS.

Among those rescued was a woman from a kiosk on which a tree fell. The captured woman was pulled out and handed over to the emergency team of Novo Sad, according to Blic. The roof of the Novi Sad fair blew off tonight under a strong gust of wind.

The storm also affected other parts of Serbia, accompanied by heavy rain and strong wind.

Storms in BiH as well

A strong storm that came from Croatia affected the northern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the media of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Prijedor region was hit by a severe storm at around 18:00.

With a strong wind, hail the size of a ping-pong ball fell, which was recorded in the area of ​​Bosanski Novi.

A severe storm also hit Sanski Most, causing material damage, and the strength of the storm’s impact is best illustrated by the fact that a tree fell in Banjalučka Street.

A storm accompanied by rain and thunder hit Banja Luka today after 19:00, reports Tanjug.

A strong wind was blowing in Banja Luka, and the clouds were black. According to Nezavisne , the storm also reached Kol, where the storm fells trees.

A severe storm hit Potkozarje today, and ice fell in the Potkozarje part of the municipality of Novi Grad.

The storm that swept over Zagreb shortly before 5 p.m. again broke trees and caused traffic chaos, and the situation is similar in other Croatian counties, reports Anadolija.

A strong storm hit Istria and Kvarner

The Directorate of Civil Protection of Croatia issued today a red warning for Istria, Kvarner, the area around Gospić, Karlovac, Zagreb and Slavonia. In the rest of the country, an orange warning is in effect.

The severe storm first affected Istria and Kvarner, which were hit by hail and strong winds that uprooted trees.

The county centers in Pazin and Rijeka received dozens of reports about the consequences of the strong storm, warning of fallen trees and electric poles, damaged vehicles, power outages and flooding on the roads.

Damage to property and trees, local flash floods, stormy wind gusts, hail and interruptions in outdoor activities and traffic are possible, warns the Directorate of Civil Protection.