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Viktor Orbán Could Become a Paradigm in Europe

Europe is changing course: The berated fence on Hungary’s border and Viktor Orbán’s policies are becoming a model for all, writes ZurZeit.

“The direction of the wind in Europe has seemingly changed, and this trend is expected to continue until the European elections in the middle of next year and the power negotiations that will follow,” according to the Austrian news site.

The article reminds that Manfred Weber, President of the European People’s Party, recently confirmed the perceived change of course, saying,

“In a few days, then, border fences, the protection of European interests, and a cease-fire to prevent an escalation of the war have almost magically transformed from the devil’s work to generally acceptable measures,”

ZurZeit concludes. After Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Manfred Weber, and French President Emmanuel Macron, others are now “following Viktor Orbán’s path,” it adds. “If this trend continues, the Hungarian prime minister, previously dismissed by Europe’s elite as anti-human, authoritarian, and pro-Putin, will have mainstream support or even lead it by the next election,” according to ZurZeit.

Source: hungarytoday