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Slovak new crime families, QR code scams, Abu Dhabi & Asian organized crime

Organized crimes exploiting weaknesses threatens fiscal stability.

Bratislava (5 June 2022 – 58.22) Often a discovery of a major crime starts with a side story. The rise of Michal Suchoba, a 49-year old, self promoting IT wizzard, flashy ferrari driving “angel investor” made all the appearence of a successful selfmade business men. However, the truth paints a very different picture.

Described by a witness Suchoba was named a “predator who is educated, intelligent and incredibly vengeful” the description matches the criminal indictment made by the Slovak special prosecutor charging Michal Suchoba for organizing a criminal enterprise, bribing officials and tax evasions. His claws extend to Asia but the exact nature of his link to organized crime in Asia remains subject of investigations by police forces across the globe.

He and the former head of the Financial Administration Frantisek Imrecze, Milan Grega, the former head of the IT department of the Finance Administration and Daniel Cech, an former assistant to Imrecze were charged along Ludovit Mako, the former head of the Financial Intelligence Unit. Former head of the IT section of the financial administration Milan Grega and managing director of Allexis Jana Rovčaninová are also accused.

In a separate case Suchoba was named being linked to organizing a criminal enterprise, bribery and other crimes involving a former intelligence officer turned muscle gangster Frantisek Boehm and others, Michal Suchoba surfaces repeatedly in association with organized crime.

Michal Suchobas link to Norbert Broedor and Marian Kočner emerged in the murder investigation of Jan Kuceira and his bride shows the links between organized crime families. The Slovak media site reported voice recordings concerning Michal Suchobas and Marian Kočner. Although Michal Suchoba was not implicated in the murder his role in fraud, organizing criminal enterprises goes beyond Slovakia.

Initially detained in UAE Michal Suchoba was quick to turn super grass pleading guilty to the charges spilling the details of some of is machinations. This includes Očistec (Purgatory), involving several high-ranking police officials, and Mýtnik (Toll Collector), which involves former representatives of the tax authority. The question will be how long is Suchoba allowed to operate without consequences from the law is asked by many in Slovakia.

Organized Criminal Enterprise, the Slovak version of RICO

Michal Suchoba’s story begun in 2001 foul play was suspected in the bidding process of the Slovak Treasury. Three companies, IBM, Siemens and Hewlett Packard competed for lucrative government contracts with the young Slovak republic. Hewlett Packard repeatedly won the estimated 33 million euro contract. The Country Manager of Siemens cried foul and suggested that Michal Suchoba had a hand in it. Suchoba is said to have worked in the contracts department of the treasury.

He suggested Suchoba owed a company called QBSW, a claim denied by Suchoba who filed defamation against the country manager of Siemens. In 2003 the case against Siemens was thrown out by the Slovak court.

Today the role of Suchoba and QBSW is better understood. Suchoba, according to public reporting by the ICJK funnelled monies from the Financial Administration to Allexis s.r.o., a company wholly owned by Michal Suchobo and Marting Bahleda, who was the stand-in for another head of a criminal enterprise Jozef Brehl, to QBSW.

QBSW, an IT company produces QR codes, among its products and uses off the shelf products from Apple, Microsoft and Google, interestingly transferred monies from Allexis to a troubled restaurant business owned by Michal Suchoba schoolfriend.

The Medusa group owns a series of popular restaurants and catering services such as BMW in Slovakia, the Czech republic and Austria. Transferring money from Slovaki to Austria through Slovak banks owned by Austrian banks, Suchoba has committed moneylaundering charges.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Slovak media reported that CHDU, another Slovak company was actually the front for Frantisek Imrecze, now indicted for taking part of organizing a criminal enterprise. CHDU produced a technical system and software program that can be exploited with relative ease, according to a 2020 report made by the ICJK.

By manipulating the QR code, setting up the hardware and influencing the revenue stream by demanding that every business uses the Suchoba invention called eKASA creates the perfect crime. Almost impossible to detect the modern version of the penny fraud going digitally impacts every aspect of our everyday’s life.

With the manipulation of QR codes the invoices for a meal, a gastank, groceries in the shop, the food we eat and the car insurance we take and the fees we pay to the government are no longer secure. But the vulnerabilities are not only effecting the public going beyond Slovakia according to Michal Suchoba.

Suchoba claims having sold systems to Austria, Hungary and the Serb republic. If so the integrity of the Financial systems must be questioned hence presenting a crediblity problem for the financial affairs.

Where is Suchoba?

Michal Suchoba after is testimony has gone misson. Reports suggest he was in Prague, and moved to Abu Dhabi the new criminal retreat in the middle east. Suchoba is in illustrious company with Norbert Broeder and the fomer police chief, both charged with similar offenses.

Some observers suggests Michal Suchoba is on the run trying to recreate his scam using the UAE as a base of operation to head to Asia. In depositions his role in the Chinese VAT fraud was explained to Slovak prosecutors however Michal Suchoba remains at large.