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Storm Warnings in Croatia and BiH

In Croatia, a red warning for thunderstorms has been issued for the Zagreb region, especially Hrvatsko Zagorje, Međimurje and Podravina, and the Osijek region; in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an orange weather alert for the entire country.

On Tuesday, the forecasters of the State Hydrometeorological Institute issued a red warning for thunderstorms for the Zagreb region, especially Hrvatsko Zagorje, Međimurje and Podravina, and the Osijek region – eastern Croatia from the middle of the day, reports Hina.

A thunderstorm is possible, accompanied by hail, stormy winds and a larger amount of precipitation in a shorter time.

The orange warning for possible local thunderstorms is still in effect in the regions: Rijeka, Karlovac and Gospić, and in some places stronger showers are also possible in the Knin and Split regions.

Widespread and severe storms are likely, with life-threatening lightning, hail, flash flooding and gale-force winds.

Interruptions in traffic and interruptions in energy supply should be expected. A significant disruption of normal traffic routes is also possible.

Citizens are urged to take self-protection measures and act according to the instructions for action and follow the forecast. They are also urged to avoid non-essential travel.

Orange weather alert in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Federal Hydrometeorological Institute (FHMZ) has issued an orange weather warning for today at 18:00 until tomorrow at 15:00 due to heavy local showers accompanied by thunder and strong gusts of wind. A local appearance of the city is also possible. The warning was issued for the whole country, reports Fena.

With a heavy downpour, 20-40 liters of rain can fall per square meter. Stormy wind gusts of 60-80 km/h.

“Be prepared to protect yourself and your property. Flooding of property and traffic networks is possible. Disruption in the supply of electricity, water and communications is possible. A minor evacuation may be required. Difficult driving conditions due to reduced visibility and uncontrolled movement of vehicles due to water. Be prepared for disruptions, structural damage, and the risk of injury from uprooted trees and wind-borne debris. Interruptions in electricity supply are possible,” FHMZ states.