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Serbia Signed a Lobbying Contract With Karvo From New York

Serbia will allocate 60,000 dollars per year for the new lobbying contract.

The Republic of Serbia has signed a one-year lobbying contract with the New York communication company KARV, for whose services it will allocate 60,000 dollars per year, reports Al Jazeera’s Ivica Puljić.

Karva President Andrew Frank leads a Serbian team that includes Senior Associate Will Sommer and Senior Advisors Adrian Karatnycky and Gordon Bardos, Associate Director of the Harriman Institute for Columbia University.

Bardos has been representing Serbian interests in America for years.

In recent years, Serbia has increased financial allocations for lobbying in the world.

Pacolli’s claims

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, claimed several years ago that Serbia allocated 300 million dollars for lobbying the countries that recognized the independence of Kosovo in order to withdraw that decision.

Pacolli said that he has information according to which Serbia hired a team of 20 people, mostly experts in diplomacy, to visit different countries in the world and lobby against Kosovo.

“There is no country on the African continent where Serbia does not have a delegation lobbying against Kosovo’s independence,” said Pacolli.