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Russia May Arrange a Naval Blockade of Ukraine – Bild

The Russian Federation may arrange a naval blockade of Ukraine in the event of a break in the grain deal, says British Naval News expert H. I. Sutton, BILD reports.

To do this, the RF has several options:

– Ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation can directly attack merchant ships that leave Odessa.

– landing in the port of Odessa of special forces.

– Mining the routes of grain carriers, while accusing Ukraine of undermining them.

– the attack of grain carriers by submarines and also the accusation of Ukraine.

– bombardment of grain carriers from aircraft.

According to Sutton’s forecast, in response, Ukraine could attack Russian ships with Harpoon and Neptune missiles, as well as aircraft and drones. Türkiye, which controls the Bosphorus, will play a key role.

The grain deal ends on July 17.

Recall that  Turkey announced that Erdogan wants to talk with Putin before the completion of the grain deal .

Source : CTPAHA