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‘Purely xenophobic’: Crown Prince of Albania lashes out at Suella Braverman

Albania’s Crown Prince Leka has branded Suella Braverman “purely xenophobic”, accusing her of “demonising” his country’s people for political gain.

Prince Leka lashed out after the home secretary told the Commons that “robust action” was needed to crack down on the “many people” coming from Albania with “illegitimate aims”.

Braverman was responding to fellow Tory MP James Daly, who suggested “there is no reason” for Albanians to cross the English Channel to claim asylum in Britain.

He said that out of the 12,000 Albanians who have arrived in small boats so far this year, 10,000 were adult single males, and suggested that this was aiding recruitment into criminal gangs operating in the UK.

Sharing a video of the home secretary’s exchange with Daly in the Commons, Prince Leka tweeted: “Disproportionate slander is purely xenophobic.

“The UK has a population of 67 million, with 6 million emigrants.12 thousand Albanian’s is not an invasion.

“The failings of British law enforcement is not our responsibility. A vast number of Albanians coming to the UK are from the EU and not Albania.”

“Stop demonizing us for your own internal political benefits!”, the 40-year-old heir to the throne added.

He added that Albanians coming to the country would be an “improvement to British society” in a response to a tweet by GB News pundit Sophie Corcoran.

It comes after Braverman was accused of “whipping up hate” by describing the influx of migrants crossing the Channel as an “invasion”, with immigration minister Robert Jenrick distancing himself from her rhetoric.

The home secretary is also under fire over the conditions at Manston asylum centre in Kent, which is designed for 1,600 people but currently houses around 4,000.

Source: Uk.News