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Milanović Replied to Plenković About the Meeting With Dodik on Hvar

After Plenković requested that Milanović explain the unannounced meeting with Dodik on Hvar, the Croatian President’s office said that the MUP had been informed of his arrival.

The office of President Zoran Milanović announced that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had been informed about the arrival of the president of the Bosnian entity Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik to Hvar, and that it is unlikely that Prime Minister Andrej Plenković was not aware of it either, who previously said that he did not know that Milanović and Dodik to hold a meeting in Croatia.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković told reporters earlier on Thursday that he did not know about Milorad Dodik’s arrival on Hvar. The president’s office claims that it was “expected from him, but still rude manipulation” and that “everything was according to procedure”, reports Hina.

“The Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, that is, the competent Directorate for Borders of the MUP, about the arrival of Mr. Dodik. The MUP acted according to the procedure, ensured and carried out border control during Mr. Dodik’s arrival in Croatia, since he was coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is not a Schengen member,” the statement stated.

‘It is not possible that he did not know about the visit’

Plenković said that, if protocol had been followed, all Croatian services would have approved Dodik’s visit. “But when you have people who don’t even respect their own National Day, then I guess anyone can come as their guest, in any way and without announcement,” said the Prime Minister.

The president’s office claims that it is not possible that Plenković did not know about Dodik’s arrival.

“And then Andrej Plenković says that he does not know what the MUP knows, a ministry that is completely controlled by the HDZ. This is a real insult to common sense, because Andrej Plenković has privatized and subordinated almost all state institutions to himself, which we witness every day. To believe that the MUP did not inform Andrej Plenković about Milorad Dodik’s arrival in a situation when that information immediately reached even part of the media, who were waiting on Hvar with their cameras ready, can only be believed by someone naive and ignorant of the model of his rule”, it is emphasized in announcement.

It is added that this model “was the last to feel on their own skin judicial officers and employees whom Andrej Plenković arrogantly exhausted and refused just to show everyone who is the one who decides on everything”.