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Domestic Violence Victims Can Rely on Legal Aid in Bulgaria

Victims of domestic violence can rely on legal aid in Bulgaria, caretaker Justice Minister Krum Zarkov said at the opening of a national conference on the role of legal aid in cases of domestic and gender-based violence, which is taking place here on Saturday.

He pointed out that domestic violence is a complex phenomenon that also requires a complex response that prompts state authorities to work together and coordinate.

Zarkov stressed that victims are often confronted with complex administrative procedures that they cannot fulfil. The most vulnerable groups in society must be helped because they lack education and resources, the Minister added. He added that there is draft legislation that needs to be adopted, the core of which is to settle the coordination between the institutions working on this problem.

According to Krum Zarkov, there should be more centres throughout the country that provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence. He beleives that help could be provided to victims in cooperation with local authorities. 

The conference is organized by the National Legal Aid Bureau and is part of the project for improving access to justice for people living below the poverty line with a special focus on women, children and the Roma community.

It was also attended by the caretaker Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev, representatives of the judiciary, local authorities and lawyers.

Source: bta