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Cia Also Says China is Considering Arms Shipments to Russia

CIA director Bill Burns said China is confident China is considering supplying weapons to Russia. That’s what the CIA boss told CBS News. He emphasizes that China has not yet made a final decision.

By making this public, the United States government would like to influence a decision by China on arms deliveries. “It would be a very risky and unwise gamble,” Burns told CBS News.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also publicly expressed concerns about the possibility that China will supply arms to Russia after a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi last week. He then said that China is considering supplying arms and ammunition, in addition to the “non-lethal” support it is already giving to the Russian invasion force.

‘About a red line’
For example, the Americans have established that Russia uses Chinese satellite images of the war zone.

EU foreign chief Josep Borrell warned after Blinken’s statements that China would cross “a red line” with arms deliveries.

China calls the US suggestion untrue. The country has been trying for the past year to take a neutral stance in the war between Ukraine and Russia, to the frustration of the US.

Since the end of last year, Western analysts have seen signs that Russia is running out of ammunition supplies. Russia has been seeking refuge in Iran and North Korea for several months in order to obtain sufficient arms and ammunition to sustain the war.

Source: Rtlnieuws