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Bulgarian Trade Unions Mark May 1 With a March, a Concert and a Blockade in Sofia

KNSB and Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa” will celebrate Labor Day and international workers’ solidarity with a series of different events. Among them are a blockade of a key intersection, a procession and a concert in the capital. In this way, unions will send messages for higher incomes, safe and healthy working conditions, and a just energy transition.

KNSB will hold an action under the title “For the right to association and decent wages!”. Traffic will be briefly blocked in the center of the capital in the Orlov Bridge area from 10 a.m. After that, a trade union event will be held at the entrance to the Borisova garden, where those who wish can talk to the confederation’s experts and receive materials with its demands. A procession of the Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa” is scheduled for 11 a.m. from “Sveta Nedelya” Square in Sofia to the “Land and People” museum, where from 12:30 to 10 p.m. the traditional “Rock for Labor” concert will be held, which the Confederation organized since 2017 with an interruption due to the pandemic. ValdiTotev, Milena, Atlas, Sprint, Vasko Krpkata and Poduene blues band and other artists will take part. The Vice President of “Podkrepka” Ioannis Partheniotis commented:

“We had the courage to take back the holiday from individual political formations that had obsessed it”.

The procession will pass along “Vitosha” boulevard and will be led by a children’s brass band from the 1st English High School together with the cheerleading squad.

Partheniotis emphasized that with the demonstrations, the trade unionists will raise their voice “for a better life in Bulgaria, because in the last 3 years, as a result of the many crises that surround us, the Bulgarians have become significantly poorer. We will insist on higher incomes. Bulgaria is an energy center in the Balkans and in no way do we want to lose this energetic heart of the Bulgarian economy”.

Among other demands is the adoption of new legislation adequate to today’s realities, regulating the conduct of strikes, rallies and processions.

The beginning of the celebration of May 1 was in 1886, when a general strike was announced in all American states, because the workers had almost no rights, worked up to 16 hours a day under very poor conditions.

Source: novinite