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Bulgaria can Export Oil Products from Russian Oil only to Ukraine


Although it enjoys derogations and can import Russian oil by sea and pipeline until the end of 2024, Bulgaria cannot sell oil products it receives to buyers in other EU member states or in third countries. However, we may export to Ukraine some refined products derived from oil imported under these derogations, including through transit through other EU countries if necessary.

These provisions are contained in the ninth package of sanctions against Russia adopted by the EU Council yesterday.

Among the products that can be exported to Ukraine, and only up to certain volumes, are gas oil, light oils and preparations, mineral turpentine, aviation gasoline for engines, gasoline for engines, kerosene for jet engines, other kerosene, heavy oils, petroleum oils, heavy fuels. For Bulgaria, the export of these products is also permitted due to the need to limit environmental and safety risks.

From February 5, the Bulgarian authorities can allow, under conditions they consider appropriate, the sale, delivery, transfer and export to Ukraine of the mentioned oil products. They may do so if they determine that the products are intended only for use in Ukraine or that the sale, supply, transfer or export is not intended to circumvent sanctions.

Bulgaria is obliged to notify the other member states and the European Commission within two weeks of the granting of the permit.

Source : Sofia News Agency