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American media write about China’s plans to supply weapons to Russia

Two major American publications at once write about China’s plans to supply weapons to Russia. According to Politico sources, China is considering sending drones, ammunition and small arms to Russia.

The Wall Street Journal also writes about the same, citing US officials. According to them, “China is considering the possibility of supplying artillery and drones to Russian forces.” But so far no such deliveries have been made, both publications write.

Earlier, China denied plans to transfer weapons to the conflict zone in Ukraine. So, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China is not going to sell drones to Russia .

At the same time, White House Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has information that China wants to provide military assistance to Russia .

Against this background, the US Department of Commerce banned 90 companies from Russia, China and other countries from buying semiconductors and other goods .

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine continues for the 367th day. We follow the news on February 25 in our online .

Earlier we summed up the results of the 366th day of the war . The “Wagnerites” announced the capture of Berkhovka, a village northwest of Bakhmut. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refutes this. The first Leopard 2 tanks arrived in Ukraine from Poland. The topic of Transnistria and the possible invasion of Ukraine into it sharply intensified. China has published its “peace plan”.

source: strana.today